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Friday 13 October to 29 October 2017

Janie Graham, Jo Howe, Mark L’Argent, Caroline Lumb, Hillary Taylor

Paper Scissors Stone: the group name, title and original theme for this imaginative and thought-provoking body of work based around interpretations of paper, mixed media, language and more. With very different yet complementary styles of work, a constant theme for all five artists is the re-shaping of paper, narrative and meaning. Books, newspaper, paper and other objects or settings are used to re-interpret both the materials and the world around us

Free entry & all work is for sale.

Below is just a small selection of the work that will be on show during this exhibition.

Please contact the gallery to check if a particular piece of artwork is still available.

Janie Graham

Janie Graham adds an exciting dimension to storytelling, allowing her to combine language and emotion with texture and structure. A book becomes a tool to explore and communicate ideas - a vehicle for narrative construction to be ‘read’ in an entirely new way. She aims to immerse the viewer in a fantastic miniature world, which retains a suggestion of book shape, extended beyond structural confines. Enclosure lends an air of preciousness, even mystery and curiosity, suggesting the idea of a collection.

Jo Howe

Jo Howe selects materials by considering aesthetic text quality and title relevance where it is essential to work with old manuscripts that bear physical imperfections and aromas of past human handling. The book/page becomes a tool to examine our evolving personal stories as Jo consciously works to render text difficult to read or even absent. This disruption transforms words into visual clues, inviting response at an intuitive and emotional level, constructing alternative narratives that in turn generate new meaning.

Mark L'Argent

With a classical background in lettering arts, Mark L’Argent runs a busy studio. From this base he creates contemporary works that encompass an individual, original and expressive style: one that plays, engages, and provokes through the medium of text, letters and language. The fundamental nature of his work is about the human condition – emotion, dialogue, responses connections and more, it seeks to bring text to life through the visual expression of words and speech.

Caroline Lumb

Caroline Lumb has a particular interest in the development of composition through the abstraction of natural form elements, changing both the scale and focus of an original source. Her work demonstrates a love of all things paper, including hand-dyed papers, additionally melding these with paintings or other materials. Her work has explored vast landscapes, which mostly change in both form and palette dependent on the light and time of day/month/year. More recent developments include portraiture.      

Hillary Taylor

Language, Japanese papers and art forms were this journey’s starting point. Hillary Taylor explores emotional and transient effects of paper: as physical object, the way it is used, language or the meaning people attach to a memory. With a current focus on weaving, newsprint and calligraphy, things that are often made to be thrown away and forgotten become her tapestry materials.

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