Design Factory

Friday 13 October to 29 October 2017

Work by some of the very best designer/makers in craft practice today, showing craft in a wide range of exciting mediums – textiles, ceramics, glass, paper, jewellery, wood & willow.

Maker demonstrations – FREE to attend:-
Sunday 22nd October from 2pm. Felt making (Myra Hutton); Free Machine Embroidery (Caroline Kirton), Hand-Colouring Photographs (Janine Kilroe).
Saturday 28th October from 2pm. Basketry (Maggie Smith) & stitching driftwood (Ella Robinson).

Free entry & all work is for sale.

Below is just a small selection of the work that will be on show during this exhibition.

Please contact the gallery to check if a particular piece of artwork is still available.

Janine Kilroe

Janine prints her black and white fine art photographs onto watercolour paper and then selectively reintroduces colour back into the image by hand painting using watercolour pencils and washes.
This creates a unique and subtle original piece of art.

Phiona Richards

Phiona Richards is an awarding winning designer and maker who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She designs paper jewellery and non functional pieces using the pages of redundant books and transforms them into intriguing tactile structures using a variety of techniques which will enhance the work. Her current work, “Edge of the Sea” is inspired by the Japanese woodcut, “The Great Wave” by Katsushika Hokusai. The movement and structure of waves as they crash to the shore can be a dramatic show of power and illustrates how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature. Each piece is created using a slice of an unloved book, hand-painted, curled and framed by silver and embellished with sea glass.

Diane Griffin

The inspiration for my work stems from a trip to Jerusalem many years ago. I visited the Wailing Wall and was intrigued by the thousands of wishes and prayers written on paper and crammed between the stones in the wall. I love this idea of leaving something of yourself, perhaps something very personal yet it's in a public place. I was inspired by the collective focus for so many peoples' hopes and wishes at this ancient site and their interaction with it, much like the Love Letters Wall in Verona and the Love Locks Bridge in Paris. I have also recently incorporated some hand written scripts into my work which are taken from old family letters such as those exchanged by my grandparents during the war in 1944. I overlay and essentially redesign the script so that you can't read the whole letter but can recognise words or parts of sentences which keeps it private yet the final piece will sit in a public place such as a gallery or another's home. My work features many paper-like scrolls, sometimes single scrolls as a bud vase and other times pushed together to form a sculptural focus on a larger vase. I enjoy using a combination of techniques - slip casting and hand building. The main body of my larger vases is slip cast, then I hand roll scrolls in different sizes and apply them individually. I use a variety of scroll sizes for visual interest as well as allowing different stem sizes to be accommodated. I have aimed to strike a balance between a sculptural aesthetic and a practical function.

Click here to see more images by Myra Hutton
Myra Hutton

Myra is a textile artist working with embellished hand-made felt. A traditional craft with a contemporary twist, consisting of densely textured layers exploring colour and texture through a fusion of natural fibres, hand dyed fabrics, and embellished hand-made felt, creating rich landscapes, sunsets or seascapes. Myra ‘paints’ with her fibres and draws with her machine building up layers with textured embellishments bringing the piece alive and finishing with hand stitch.

Click HERE to see a selection of Myra's work available for sale in our online store.

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